simone padelli


about me


Simone Padelli (1986)


BA photography at ‘Libera Accademia di Belle Arti’ (L.A.B.A.), Florence

MA photography at ‘London College of Communication’ (U.A.L.), London


My work focusses on the ‘human attitude’ and the environment the human being inhabit.

The anthropological and humanized landscape is the main subject of my photographs. my work questions about what ‘reality’ is and how it can be perceived and described within the image

Besides, I think my photographic approach is an intimate connection between me and the world. My work is a personal vision of the world, and it’s very much related with the concept of ‘Island’, ‘melancholy’ and ‘sublime’.


I obtained a BA at LABA (Florence, Italy) in 2010. After my graduation I approached the professional world of photography as internal fashion photographer for Gucci.

In September 2011 I moved to London where I Lived for about 2 years and I obtained an MA at the London College of Communication in December 2012.

I currently works as a freelance photographer mainly in the fields of fashion and architecture. Together with others professional photographers and graphic designers, I set up a co-working studio based in Florence.

My work has been published in magazines and catalogues, and displayed in some solo and group exhibitions in UK, Germany and Italy.